Unix for beginners: Hands-on course

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Title Unix for beginners: Hands-on course
Summary Introductory course for CRG researchers so they can learn the fundamentals of UNIX-based systems and their most common commands.
Description Unix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix) is an operative system developed in the 1960s that is heavily used in Bionformatics and is under constant development. Nowadays most bioinformatics software runs in Linux/Unix operative systems so it is important having a basic knowledge of Unix in order to use these tools.

This course is addressed to those participants with no previous exposure to Unix and will consist on a brief introduction to this operative system and an overview of the basic commands.

Course Content:

  1. Unix/Linux history
  2. Shell
  3. Basic commands
  4. Exercises
Author(s) Elowy, Thermoso
Presentation Date(s) 05/06/2013
File: Unix presentation finalv5.pptx
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