Presentation of the CRG Galaxy platform

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Title Presentation of the CRG Galaxy platform
Summary Galaxy course
Description Galaxy ( is actually the most advanced framework interfacing biology, informatics and data analysis. Whether on a free public server or your own instance, you can perform, reproduce, and share complete analysis without the need to acquire informatics knowledge. In the CRG, we deployed a local server offering thus access to our HPC infrastructure through a simple web interface (; use your CRG credentials).

Besides giving access to the default functionality integrated in Galaxy, we intend our CRG server to be the meeting point for users and developers. Indeed, we would like to facilitate to scientists without programming experience the usage of cutting edge technology software developed in the CRG. Therefore, the aim of this presentation is to first give an overview of the Galaxy interface before going into the details of software integration. We hope thus that users and developers will see how they can benefit from the Galaxy@CRG platform for analyzing their data or diffusing their methods.

Author(s) Jean-François Taly
Presentation Date(s) 04/04/2014
File: 2014-04-PRBB-CompBio.pdf
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