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VectorQC: NextFlow pipeline for assembly and annotation of DNA vectors (
Transcriptome assembly: Nextflow pipeline for de novo transcriptome assembly and annotation based on Trinity and Transdecoder (
TEQC: R package for Quality control of target capture experiments (
Mothur procedures: Shell scripts for processing ITS (fungi) and 16S rRNA (bacteria) amplicon sequencing data (MiSeq) in mothur. (
Master of Pores: Nextflow pipeline for analysis of direct RNA Nanopore reads (
Indrop-Flow: Indrops analysis pipeline based on DropEST (
HiC-inspector: High-throughput conformation capture (Hi-C) allows to study the three-dimensional architecture of whole genomes through the detection of long range chromosomal interactions (
FA-nf (functional annotation): NextFlow pipeline for functional annotation of proteins from non-model organisms based on InterPro and Blast (
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