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Title Summary Date
Adoption of open methodologies: a multifaceted approach from a scientific facility Poster about open methodologies and approaches presented for BDebate session 4 October 2018, 5 October 2018
Semantic MediaWiki as a platform for lab management and biological annotation Presentation at SMWCon Fall 2016 about Semantic MediaWiki applications 30 September 2016
BioCore user advisory committee on Dec 2, 2015 Discussion of status of work for 2015 and future plans 2 December 2015
Gene expression and functional analysis (master course 2015) Gene expression and functional analysis (master course 2015): PCR, microarray, differential expression analysis, gene ontology, DAVID 9 October 2015
NGS technology and applications (master course 2015) Presentation about NGS technology and applications for the master course 2015 9 October 2015
Bioinformatics Core: Mission & Vision Talk at PRBB CompBio Retreat. 28 May 2015
CRG Master Course 2014 - Lecture The slide of show presenting the biocore facility and the Galaxy platform 10 October 2014
CRG Master Course 2014 - Tutorial CRG Master Course 2014 - Tutorial 10 October 2014
PRBB OpenDay 2014 Taller de Bioinformatica 4 October 2014
EMBO-Tunis 2014 Galaxy Tutorial All the information you need to follow the Galaxy tutorial 18 September 2014
Presentation of the CRG Galaxy platform Galaxy course 4 April 2014
Unix for beginners: Hands-on course Introductory course for CRG researchers so they can learn the fundamentals of UNIX-based systems and their most common commands. 6 May 2013
Galaxy: An Open Web-Based Platform Basic introduction to Galaxy. Explanation of our local implementation of Galaxy 23 November 2012
Galaxy InCA Presentation of the Technology Development Projects made at the Core Facilities Retreat (Sant Hilari Sacalm, 7-8 May 2012) 7 May 2012
A basic overview of Proteomics A brief introduction to proteomics was given during the Bioinformatics Unit Lab Meeting 21 February 2012
Presentation in the Core Facilities Day 2012 Core Facility presentation day at the PRBB 9 February 2012
Poster in the Core Facilities Presentation Day 2012 Poster displayed in the Core facilities presentation day 9 February 2012
Basic Linux command This course aims to teach simple linux commands on biological data 10 May 2011
TEQC Tutorial Core Facilities seminar where use of the TEQC package for Target Enrichment Quality Control was demonstrated 9 May 2011
UNIX Programming: A brief introduction to UNIX history and most useful commands Introductory course for CRG researchers so they can learn the fundamentals of UNIX-based systems and their most common commands. 26 January 2011
Presentation for 2011 Core Facilities day at the PRBB Presentation given at Core Facilities day at the PRBB 19 January 2011
Poster for 2011 Core Facilities day at the PRBB Poster describing the activities of the unit 19 January 2011
Annotating Non-Coding RNAs with Rfam Rfam is an open access database containing information for RNA families and annotations for millions of RNA genes. Each entry in the Rfam database includes multiple sequence alignments, a secondary structure and probabilistic models known as covariance models (CMs), these models can simultaneously handle an RNA sequence and its structure. 24 November 2010
Extracting biological meaning from large gene list with DAVID The Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery (DAVID) provides a comprehensive set of functional annotation tools for investigators to understand biological meaning behind large list of genes/proteins. This tutorial explains how to use this integrated data-mining environment to analyze lists derived from high-throughput genomic experiments. More info can be found at:" 15 October 2010
Lab Service Wiki: a wiki-based data management solution for laboratories production services This is a presentation held during the Fifth Workshop on Semantic Wikis: Linking Data and People SemWiki2010. 31 May 2010
Semantic web technologies applied to bioinformatics and laboratory data management Introductory presentation in Computational Biology at PRBB seminars about Semantic Web, MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki technology applied to different fields of Bioinformatics and Lab Management. 18 March 2010
CRG User Advisory meeting Status of work for the las 6 months and future plans. June 22, 2015
CRG User Committee Status for the last 6 months and future plans. June 22, 2015
Requests statistics in 2015 Two slides made by Julia from the invoiced hours: (1) Break down of invoiced hours by projects and types of data analysis; (2) Break down of invoiced hours by type of requesters and BioCore members. December 18, 2015
Saca la Lengua: Study of human mouth microbiome. Bacterial profiles of over 1500 school children across Spain were obtained using the 16S rRNA sequencing and analyzed in relation to their diet, mouth hygiene, geographic area and other environmental characteristics. The bioinformatics challenges, different pipelines benchmarking and the preliminary results of the project are discussed. June 3, 2016
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