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This is an introductory course to R programming.
The course is offered in 3 slow-paced practicums for absolute beginners. The goal is to offer a good base with a lot of hands on exercises.
We will use R Studio on the server of the CRG.

Course Instructors

Dates, Time and Location

  • July 12, 13, 14, 2017.
  • 9:30 - 13:30.
  • PRBB Boinformatics classroom (468). 4th floor. The hotel/North wing.

Course Syllabus, Schedule, and Materials

The day before each session, the slides will be uploaded in case you want to print them.
Slides for the whole course are here

  • Day 1
    • Introduction to R Studio
      We will use the R Studio server of the CRG. We will go through what can be done with R Studio, from file and folders manipulation/navigation, to getting help on R functions.
    • Basics of R
      Syntax, special characters, create an object, manipulate the object, simple arithmetics.
    • Functions usage in R
      Arguments. Get help.
    • R scripts: write and save commands, run them as a block. Comment code.
    • Data types.
    • Vectors
      Basic (and most important) data structure in R. We will learn how to create, modify, subset, manipulate, compare vectors.
    • Input / output
      Reading in and writing out. Changing directory.
    • Introduction to factors: categorical vectors.
    • Missing values: how to deal with NA values.

Slides day1
Exercises day1
Correction exercise 1
Correction exercise 2
Correction exercise 3

  • Day 2
    • Matrices & data frames
      2-dimensional objects: how to create, subset, manipulate.
    • Library / packages
      Install and load packages. Look for functions in those packages.
    • More on input / output
      Reading in more complex files, different options to adapt to the input file. Writing out files the way you want to see your data.

Slides day2
Exercises day2
Correction exercise 4
Correction exercise 5
Correction exercise 6
Correction exercise 7

  • Day 3
    • Basic plotting (base graphics package)
      Scatter plots, boxplots, barplots, pie plots, histograms.
    • Introduction to ggplot2 package
      ggplot2 provides functions for creating and customizing plots. We will learn the basic structure and how to produce simple plots.
    • Input / output
      We will save plots as files in different formats, both from R Studio and from the terminal.

Slides day3
Exercises day3
Correction exercise 8
Correction exercise 9

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